Statues can throw shade too

Today we had mostly a free day to explore Florence, so this morning Shelby, Russel, Spencer, and I walked to the Florentine leather market. This market is right around the corner from the Duomo and is full of stands selling everything from wallets to purses to belts. I bought a purse for myself and simultaneously improved my previously nonexistent bartering skills. Obviously, my business skills are improving with my time in Italy.

Next, we visited the Accademia gallery which houses the statue of David. I saw this statue when I was in Florence before but I learned a lot more about the statue this time. For example, the position of David and where he is looking is very important. When commissioned, the Medici family was fighting Rome so to show their power, they had David built to show that they will defeat Rome against all odds. To drive home the point, David was required to be looking south to Rome. Today, to preserve the original meaning, the statue is still facing the same direction as when first made so David is still throwing shade at Rome centuries later.

After, we toured the inside of the Duomo. This cathedral is absolutely incredible! The inside of the dome has an amazing fresco that spans the entirety of the dome. The painting represents heaven, earth, and hell through different scenes such as the devil on his throne and a skeleton dancing next to fiery pits. Not all of the paintings were happy, but I was still blown away by how intricate they were.

I needed my night by going to dinner at a place that serves free water which is unheard of in Italy so I was pleasantly surprised. Also the water bottles were super cute and had owls printed on the outside of the glass. So overall a great last night in Florence.

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