Till next time Florence

Today in Florence Italy, we visited the academia museum. In the museum we saw the David which is a sculpture made of marble built in 1501 by Michelangelo. It was a very carefully crafted statue with great detail. Our tour guide told us the history behind the statue. He told us about the “first drafts” or first tries that Michelangelo took. He also told us about the different times the sculpture was damaged. there is damage on the right hand when the middle and pointer finger fell off. There is also damage on the toes of the left foot. The face of the sculpture is slightly yellow because people bleached it to keep it clean, but it actually hurt the statue.

After visiting the statue, we saw the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. Our tour guide told us a little about the cathedral. It has the worlds largest dome on the top. There is also a strict dress code to enter into the cathedral. It forbids dresses above the knees and shoulders being shown. I found this to be very different from our culture. Once inside, we saw a very beautiful painting of the ceiling. Otherwise, the cathedral felt very empty.  We then had free time to eat, then a few of us went back to the cathedral for mass. It was very cool to go to mass at such a large cathedral.

After that I took a nap then went to dinner. A friend and looked around for a while looking for a place to eat. Florence tends to be very crowded for dinner. We did manage to find a nice small place. The food continues to amaze me. A group of us then went to go get gelato and walk around the town late at night. Florence has a much different feel to it at night compared to the day. The night has a much cooler feel compared to a touristy feel during the day.

I’m sad we are leaving Florence, but I am excited to Verona. Till next time FIMG_1186lorence

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