13 May 2018 – autobots roll out part 2 book of secrets

“Autobots roll out” is a phrase that Optimus Prime would say to the autobots when they would leave one area and go to another area, sort of like a rallying call.  “book of secrets” is the tag line from the second film in the timeless “National Treasure” series, featuring the dubiously talented Nicholas Cage as a fairly disgraced archaeologist trying his best to make a buck.  The translation of these two combined sayings is that today was a travel day for the group, from Florence to Verona.

All nonsense aside, the drive today was just as enjoyable for me as the one the other day was.  The scenery was about the same.  I had another really good gas station sandwich which was pretty cool.  The only thing to put a damper on my day was the size of the hotel room.  Its like half the size of basically everyone else’s room which is really annoying but its okay because i’m not planning on spending a lot of time there in the first place.  Besides, Verona is fantastic.  I have never been here before and im doing my best to take it all in, but the city is essentially built over a Roman city so its really well ordered.  Also the streets are really tight and the buildings are close together so I really feel like I’m in Italy.  The streets are all made of marble which is really cool.  It’s a very beautiful and modern, yet historical place and the city has done a really good job keeping the city clean and public events.  Right now there is a sort of bike fair that I really want to go to but there might not be enough time.  During our free time in the next few days I want to climb the hill on the other side of the Adige to see the city from the greater elevation.

Tomorrow we are going to take a train to Venice, which is the coolest city I have ever been to.  I am very excited to go back because I like it there so much.

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