City Hopping

After a nice visit to Florence, we departed for the last half of the trip. It feels like I have been here for a long time, not just a week. We are not in Verona, a town about the size of Pittsburgh. It is refreshing to be in a city that is not too big. This hotel is by far the nicest. Today was mostly spent on a bus. After we arrived we went on a walking tour, which wasn’t too bad. Verona is the scene of the historic Romeo and Juliet play by Shakespeare. That being said, this city has it’s fair share of Romeo and Juliet stuff. After the tour we went and walked all the way back (about 1.5 miles) to our group dinner. This was a nice authentic Italian restaurant. Here we had a five course meal. The first course was ham and fruit. The second was pasta. Third was potatoes and salad. Forth was some sort of really good pork. The fifth was some cookie gelato. This was a great dinner.

After dinner we went back to the hotel. I practiced some Italian on Duolingo. Which is proving to be not that great for speaking, but it is something to keep me occupied. I called my Mom, Dad, girlfriend, and grandparents. So essentially my night was busy, but nothing extraordinary.

Today was kinda a simple day.

Takeaway from observations:

Even in a small city like Verona there are still lots of American tourists.

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