Day 5: Early Bird Gets the Worm

Remember that late morning I raved about yesterday? Yes, I remember it fondly too… however today we were up and out by 7:30. We took a bus to tour King Ludwig II’s beautiful home, commonly known as Neuschwanstein. This castle lies on a hill in the town of Schwangau. During the bus ride, we drove through a cute little village with farms, houses, restaurants, and shops leading up to the King’s former home. We walked up a hill that I would consider pretty steep, even in comparison to cardiac hill back at Pitt. Though most of us complained the majority of the trip up, the view was well worth the trek. Not only was the castle itself absolutely breathtaking, the view of the Alps from the castle was unbelievably picturesque. It’s no wonder Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney world was inspired by this beautiful structure in Bavaria.

After an early but amazing morning, we headed to Füssen for lunch and a little bit of exploring (and by exploring I mean finding the best ice cream shops in town). The town of Füssen was full of small bake shops and souvenir stores. Though it was a holiday in Bavaria and many people were home with their families, there were still quite a few people circulating in the small town. Today I enjoyed my first ice cream cone of the trip; a delicious Ferrero Rocher flavored scoop. You’d think that it wouldn’t have taken me until day 5 to find my first ice cream cone, but here we are. From now on though, I think I’ll start ranking cities by their ice cream shops. As of now (by default), Füssen is number 1!

We stopped very briefly on our way back to Augsburg at a beautiful church and small donut shop. Having slept for 30 minutes on the way to this stop, I was pretty groggy when approaching the church. However, the moment I walked through the doors I was immediately awake. The art on the interior walls of the building were stunning. It’s amazing to see the intricate works in all of the churches we’ve visited because I haven’t seen anything like them before. The few churches that I’ve been to in the U.S. have been beautiful with lovely stained glass, but nothing like the works of art inside the buildings here. The donut shop just outside was an added bonus- the fresh donuts dipped in cinnamon sugar were the icing on the cake today. Tomorrow we have lots more site seeing to do, including a 768 step stair case in Ulm. Stay tuned to see if I make it!



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