Foreigners in Monteverde

Quakers came to Costa Rica in 1951. The work of the Quakers positively affected Monteverde. With the help of the locals, Quakers were able to help the region to thrive. One way in which they achieved this is through helping to preserve the rain forest. Specifically the cloud forest, similar to the one we visited today. This forest is home to several different species of plants and animals.

Foreigners have managed to impact the work of Costa Rica. The principles of the Quakers continue to this day to impact life in Monteverde. Principles like cooperation, simplicity, and pacifism pair well with Costa Rican values. Due to the ability for these two different cultures to mix well, their coming together has been beneficial for Monteverde. Tourism is a large driver of the Costa Rican economy. Monteverde is one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destination. Upon visiting Monteverde, I was easily able to see why. The beautiful landscapes, plants, and animals mesmerized me. The Quakers led efforts in preserving many of the natural sites upon their arrival. The same sites that locals and tourist are able to join today. For these reasons, I believe that foreign impact has been beneficial, especially in regard to the Quakers.

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