Glad to be back in Verona

Today we spent the morning traveling to Verona. I was very disappointed to be leaving Florence because it was so nice there and I really enjoyed the city but I was excited to come to Verona because I remembered loving it here the last time I came.

When we got to Verona I remembered why I liked it here so much the last time I visited Italy. I like how there is a ton of history wrapped into a small city. On our walking tour today we saw and learned about the history of Verona from Roman times through the Middle Ages and how the size of the city grew over time.JacobsR11

On the tour we also went to see Juliet’s house and Romeo’s house. Today I learned that the Montagues and Capulets were real families in Verona who disliked each other. I also found it interesting that the houses that are said to be Romeo’s and Juliet’s are houses that were actually owned by their families.JacobsR12

I also found it very impressive that the Romans were able to create the streets in a grid that allowed Verona to be very organized and orderly. I was amazed that the Romans where able to plan out a city so precisely with the limited technology that was available to them.

I also enjoyed learning about how the city was divided between the Austrian-Hungarian empire and Napoleon and the bridge over the river was used as a checkpoint between the two empires. Our tour guide compared this bridge to checkpoint Charlie on the Berlin Wall.

The tour ended on a bridge that was partial built by the Romans and rebuilt during the Middle Ages which I thought was very cool. I was amazed that the bridge and many other Roman structures, like the arena, are still intact and usable even thought they were built about 2000 years ago.JacobsR13

I can’t wait to spend the next few days in Verona and take our day trip to Venice tomorrow.

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