In Fair Verona

Today, we traveled by bus to Verona. After checking into the hotel, we went on a walking tour. Not going to lie, I was not a huge fan of our tour guide, but I did enjoy the tour. We saw Juliet’s house, as well as Romeo’s house; however, Romeo’s house is a private house. We also saw the Arena, which is similar to the Colosseum. While the Arena is less known, it was built first. Another cool thing we got to see was a tomb. It was just chilling in between houses. The final stop was the river. I loved the panoramic view.



To end the day, we had dinner all together. We had pasta, a type of meat that we all disagree on what it was, salad, fries, and lemon ice-cream. I was surprised by the ice-cream because I thought it would be more of a sorbet. It was still tasty, though. Tomorrow, we travel to Venice. I, again, am super excited about what tomorrow will bring.

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