Benefits of Roasting Coffee

Costa Rica’s coffee trade has greatly impacted Costa Rica with benefits. Unlike many other countries, Costa Rica’s coffee farms are small family owned farms, versus large company owned plantations. This might not seem like a benefit but it turns out it actually is. It creates less competition between farms since there is more land available for other farmers. Along with this, it reduced the amount of government intervention needed. As well as this, the coffee industry is extremely environmentally friendly. It is beneficial for many plant, animal, and insect species. Since it is environmentally friendly it allows Costa Rica to focus on another portion of what boost their economy, tourism. Because the forest are able to stay up without being harmed, it attracts tourist that want to see this forest. This ultimately creates more revenue for the Costa Rican economy. Finally, Costa Rica is economically driven from the profits that they make off of exporting coffee. This allows Costa Rica to be globally competitive, which is great for its economy.

In Costa Rica all of the good coffee is exported to other countries like the US. They do this because they know that the demand in Costa Rica is extremely high and the Ticos will buy it no matter the quality. This makes the coffee companies want to export their best quality goods to other countries to keep them interested in Costa Rican coffee and not other countries coffee. Local roasters compensate for this by making options for Ticos to buy. For example, 1820 has a few blends of coffee. They have their special edition which is their highest quality coffee. They charge a little bit more for this blend versus there less quality kind. This quality has proven to be good enough for the Ticos. They continue to buy this level of quality coffee. If it wasn’t good enough quality they would have stopped buying it a long time ago. I personally believe that the Ticos should expect and deserve more. Their country creates this great product and they aren’t able to enjoy it like the rest of the world does. They are clearly okay with it, but if I were them I would be pretty mad.

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