Blue and White for Bayerische Motoren Werke (Day 3)

Today was the first official day of company visits and business casual attire. Our day started with visiting the SGL Carbon plant in Meitingen. Unfortunately, a lot of the presentation and tour involved chemistry and a bunch of engineering terms, but it made me happy I chose business instead. The tour guides were great at simplifying the processes to ensure everyone could understand how carbon fibers are developed and utilized in the automotive industry.


But the next stop was even more impressive! From Meitingen, we travelled to Munich to see BMW Welt and tour the plant. I was taken aback by the BMW Museum. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my dream used to be to work for BMW in Munich as an engineer. Despite switching to business, I would still love to work for the company. I have always wanted to own a BMW, and I still envision driving one when I am older. I never wanted a motorcycle, but upon seeing all of the BMW motorcycles mounted on the wall, I told myself I would buy one, as well.


I wish I would have walked more around BMW Welt, but I admit I was exhausted from all the walking I had done previously, so I sat at the café for a few hours and planned my trip to Allianz Arena for Saturday (more on this to come!)


Finally, around 6 PM, our tour was about to begin. It was honestly one of the most enthralling tours I have ever done. Seeing how the people maneuvered auto-parts alongside giant orange robots was, in some way, absolutely beautiful. My personal favorite part was watching the paint being sprayed over the car, and the fact that at any given point they can change the color of the car if the customer changes their mind. The tour, however, could have been improved if I was given the opportunity to test drive a BMW (can’t say I didn’t ask the tour guide), but it’s a minute detail that can be overlooked. All joking aside, watching a BMW be assembled from start to finish was an incredible memory that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.


Bis morgen!




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