Day 5: The Hike

Ugh! 6:30. Why? I was awake at 6:30 so that we could leave at 7:40 today. Woo! Today was our visit to Neuschwanstein, a very famous castle here in Germany. So, we get to the place where the castle is and there’s this hill. Naturally, I would assume that we are taking a horse drawn wagon or a bus or something. No. Dr. Feick decided that it would be fun to hike up the hill. Now I’m fine with hiking, but we were trying to hike in a group of 20+ people while people cars, buses and horses were coming both ways on a narrow road. Lets just say that there were a few close encounters.

It took about 20 minutes to get to the main outlook deck. However, Dr. Feick knew of a bridge farther ahead that had a good view of the castle, so we trekked on. Another 20-30 min later and we reached this bridge. Not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical of whether or not the hike would be worth it, but once I got there I was mesmerized. The view was absolutely gorgeous. I could see Neuschwanstein in all of its glory. Naturally, we spent about 20 minutes taking pictures there because how could you not?

Once we were done there, we hiked back to the outlook and shopped around for a little bit while we waited for our tour time slot. I spent way too much money on post cards, key chains, playing cards and other little keepsakes. Oh well, I’m only gone be here once. About 20 minutes and 25 Euros later, we were inside the castle. My first impression was WOW. It was absolutely stunning inside. Unfortunately they wouldn’t allow us to take pictures while we were there, so I don’t have any to show you guys. We were guided through the rooms which were filled with very elegant and somewhat unnecessary decorations. For instance, the bed had this huge roof type thing on top of the bed that was very interesting to look at, but absolutely useless.

We finished our tour in the giftshop where I spent even more money… Then we hiked back down the hill and hopped on the bus to head to the town of Füssen which was only a few minutes away from the castle. We were headed there for lunch at a restaurant called Chapeau. After finishing up at the restaurant, we were allowed 20 minutes of free time to do whatever we wanted. I decided to get ice cream from this cute little ice cream shop. I got a flavor called cookies which wasn’t very good but I ate it anyways. From there, we got back on the bus and headed for Wieskirche, a church that was on the way back to Augsburg.

We got to the church and the outside was somewhat dismal and boring. I was thinking that it would be some old church that we were visiting as a history lesson. However, once we entered the church, I was astonished. It was absolutely beautiful inside. Well worth the detour.

One of the best parts about today was when we stopped at the donut shop right next to the church to get a snack for the ride home. They were homemade, warm and sugary. Then on we went, back to the hotel. Today was finally an early day, so we got back and had some time to relax in the hotel. Unfortunately, we were on our own for dinner today, so we kept pushing it off, not realizing that most things closed around 8. Fortunately though, we managed to find a Döner shop that was still open. Here we got these gyro type sandwiches filled with chicken and feta cheese. Again, delicious.

We walked back and relaxed in the hotel room for a little bit longer. Since tomorrow is a somewhat later day, a group of us decided to go down to the pool hall down the street and play some pool to finish out the night. The end haha.

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