I didn’t order this…

Today was day nine in Italy and our one and only day in Venice.

Venice is an amazing city built on water where streets and canals are completely intertwined.  The city is essentially on a man-made island and the canals are an integral part of the city’s design.  Upon our arrival in Venice, we promptly boarded a gondola and explored the local waterways.  This was one of my favorite parts of the trip by far.  After the gondola ride, we were let loose to find lunch, where I had some raw sewage disguised as food.  I never knew sewage tasted so good; no wonder Pennywise lived down there.  After lunch, we took a walking tour of the city and learned some history.  Venice has a very beautiful building in the main city center which reminds me of one of the iconic domed buildings in Moscow.  After the tour, we were once again released onto the streets of Venice.  We had some fantastic gelato and visited various shops.  Venice is famous for it’s murano glass which we bought some of.  Then, we visited a mask shop which seemed like it belonged in a Goosebumps novel. Overall, our trip to Venice was fantastic and I would definitely go back.  After returning to Verona, I had some pizza and pasta for dinner like a true Italian.  I’m sad that we only have one day left in Verona.


One thing I learned about Italian culture is just how different some of the food is.  Obviously, the featured image pasta is something that you couldn’t find in America.  Another dish that one of my classmates ordered involved a plate of fish that were cooked whole, bones and all.  Thus, it is interesting to see how culture affects eating habits.

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