Never Want to Leave

Woke up today 17 minutes before we were off to Venice. I used the train ride there as an opportunity to grab some more sleep. We took a boat that was a taxi to the main part of Venice. The boat was absolutely not designed for tall people. Russel banged his head trying to get out of the boat. As soon as we got off that boat, we immediately took a gondola ride. I’d like to say that Venice is absolutely stunning and I never want to leave (sorry Mom).


After the gondola ride, we had some free time. I was finally able to buy a masquerade mask. I have always wanted one. The one I bought is gorgeous. Side note: there were very few I did not like (I am looking at you, plague doctor masks). It is white and gold with music notes around the eyes. I also picked up a couple of other things and admired all the Venetian glass.

Once we were all gathered in one of the squares, we began our walking tour. Again, Venice is gorgeous and I am never leaving. Anyway, we walked over a lot of bridges. There are 443 bridges in Venice, which is three less than Pittsburgh in case anyone was wondering.


At the conclusion of the walking tour, we had more free time. One of my goals before I leave is to eat tiramisu. The place we went was out of it. I had a cocktail instead. It was past five, so it was not weird. My second goal is to find somewhere to buy Italian chocolate. I did find a candy shop in Venice, but it was more hard candies than anything else. Once the sun went down, we headed back to the train station. I, once again, slept the entire time. That pretty much sums up today. The most important take away from this blog post is, I never want to leave Venice.


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