¡Te acompaña siempre!

It’s no secret that coffee has provided numerous benefits to the Costa Ricans since it first became a cash crop some centuries ago. Specifically, coffee trade in the country has provided many economic benefits and given the country a sense of identity in the process.

Some examples of the benefits of the exportation of coffee include bettering relationships with other countries, increased revenue for Costa Rica, and more brand recognition. Consumers from foreign countries are extremely vital to coffee companies in Costa Rica, as they not only provide revenue but are almost a source of free advertising. If one person has a good experience with a certain coffee brand, they are likely to give recommendations to their friends and family, encouraging purchase and furthering the span of any given coffee company.

As a disadvantage, all of the good/best coffee is exported to major trade partners and locals are sometimes left with the “bad” coffee. To backtrack, having a good slogan is a major component in a company’s marketing mix, being that it establishes brand recognition and can give a lot of insight into the company and their initiatives. Café 1820‘s slogan (the title of this post…directly translated to “It accompanies you always!”) perfectly fits for their target market, as this coffee roasting company focuses on selling to local consumers as opposed to simply exporting to tourists. Being a new player in the industry, Café 1820’s focus on providing quality coffee to Ticos is what has made them successful. Much of the company’s efforts consist of finding the preferences of drinkers (assessing quality from the point of view of the consumer) in order to provide the highest quality coffee. In fact, the 24-year-old company already occupies 30% of the local market, the highest of any other coffee roaster and an impressive number for a company in Central America.

Because of the quality time spent researching consumers, I think the quality of the coffee sold to Costa Ricans is sufficient. There is definitely a certain opportunity cost that is associated with being a top exporter of coffee, one in which may provide lower quality coffee for those actually in country. That being said, I think Café 1820 has successfully established themselves as a local roaster that provides quality coffee to Ticos and will continue to do so as they integrate more into the market of Costa Rica.

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