The Ticos Deserve the best!

Coffee is arguably the most important good in Costa Rican history. Coffee allowed the county to become a global force in the market. Although they are not heavily reliant on coffee now, Costa Rica would not be the same country it is today. The country is still dependent upon income received from coffee exports. Increased output is demanded by the increasing consumption of those in industrial nations. The exports also strengthen the economy and establish a competitive position for Costa Rica in global market transactions. Without coffee, Costa Rica would not stand in the top 20% international markets today. It is not only the economy that coffee has had a good impact on, it is also the infrastructure of the national.  Like our guide in San Jose said, the reason for the two trains tracks in and out of San Jose are due to the transportation of coffee back in the day. If the train was not built then, who knows if it would be built now.

Not all of the good coffee is exported, but the majority is. Britt and Doca export almost all of their first grade beans to large consumers all over the world. The Ticos are left with the second and third grade beans to drink. Those beans are mixed with about 20% sugar and 80% coffee, they are not the biggest fans. However, 1820 is making a step to benefit the lives of the Tico community. They are selling affordable ($10 per kilo) of their classical brand to the Costa Rican people and they are loving it. They do not focus on the global market like Doca and Britt, rather they focus on the locals. They are so successful in the local coffee industry because they compete with the 3rd grade beans. 1820 owns 30% of the local market share. Many might ask why don’t Britt and Doca dive into the local market too? That is because they see more value in the international business and to expand to the local would strain their production and lesser their profit.

I believe Ticos deserve better. Many of them work at the coffee plantations and have communities that are effected by local farms and mills. They should not have to settle for the impure coffee beans. It is their country that produces all of the beauty, they should deserve a slice of the pie!!


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