Day 9: Venice

Today we went on a day trip by train to Venice. During the train ride, we were able to see the beauty that is Veneto, the region of Italy stretching between Venice and Verona. The countryside here is quite beautiful, with rolling vineyards between small towns. When we disembarked the train in Venice, we immediately walked to the nearest canal to board water taxis. We took the taxis to the gondolas and then went on a nice gondola tour of the city.

Venice is a truly unique place in the sense that you are able to navigate the entire city by water. Although I felt that Venice was a bit crowded and too touristy for my liking, I’m glad that we went as it was an experience you can’t get from going anywhere else.

After having some free time for lunch, we went on a walking tour of the city. We went down lots of the city’s famous small streets and over many of its bridges. We learned a lot about Venice’s history as a center of trade and commerce, including how Marco Polo brought rice and noodles (the precursors to risotto and pasta) to Italy and the rest of Europe. We ended the tour in the Jewish Gheto (that’s the Italian spelling) which, in contrast to the common usage of the word, served as a refuge for Jewish people since the 1500s.

After the tour, we had free time to explore and had dinner before heading back to Verona by train.


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