Get Your Head Out of the Clouds: Sustainable Business


What a day! With two site visits –FoodCloud and Enterprise Ireland (no, not the car company) — we are officially done visiting businesses for the Ireland trip. Bittersweet, yes. However, we ended on a very positive note with two interesting and drastically different site visits.


FoodCloud is a nonprofit organization created in 2012 with the goal of ending food waste. FoodCloud’s proprietary technology is an application that connects suppliers with food waste, such as Tesco and Aldi, to charities who feed the homeless. From a professional standpoint, I found this site visit very interesting. Supply chain efficiencies strive to make the goal of FoodCloud — no waste — a reality.

The speaker, John Pakenhum, voiced his concern that no waste may never be a reality. I agree with this statement. However, as technologies advance and we get a more accurate read on what consumers want, I believe we can lower the amount of waste produced by various stores immensely. I was reminded of the various avenues that I can use to eliminate waste from the company I work for. I hope in the future, I remember to get creative with problem-solving and partake in sustainable decision-making.


Next, we went to Enterprise Ireland, a state agency created in order to promote manufacturing and international service sectors. The organization is multifaceted and we did not have time to go in depth on everything that they do. The main focus was on their initiatives to help start-ups and entrepreneurs. From a professional standpoint, I found this organization to be extremely on the ball and I loved their mission of helping Irish businesspeople and creating more jobs for the country. I especially enjoyed Aisling’s discussion on initiatives to increase the number of women entrepreneurs. She quoted “confidence” as one of the main factors holding women back from pursuing various grants. This resonated with me, as I feel unsure of my abilities to start a business. Knowing that my male counterparts are more ready to take the jump, I am beginning to consider doing the same.

Overall, I would be very excited to work for a company like this, or use its seed funds to start my own company. Overall, I was pleased with the two site visits today and feel very blessed to have been able to visit such wonderful companies.LEO1[1]


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