Hello Venice

Today, we took a train to Venice. What a beautiful city. It is very different from every other city I have ever seen. Waterways as streets is an amazing thing to see. Once we got off the train we got right onto a water taxi and rode it to the gondolas. We then rode a gondola around Venice. I was hoping someone would sing to us, however, we did not get the special one. It was still very enjoyable.

After the gondola we were free for lunch. A few friends and I went to a sea food restaurant where I got the spaghetti and clams. It was quite delicious. We then went shopping. My favorite stores were the glass and mask stores. They were both well priced and had a lot of cool items.

After that, we had a walking tour of Venice where we learned a little bit of the history of Venice. We also got to see many streets that the general public doesn’t see. We got to experience the culture in a way that many tourists don’t get to.

After the walking tour we were free to look around a bit more. So a few friends and I shopped around a bit more and got some gelato. Overall, It was a very good day.IMG_1278.jpg

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