Riddle Me This (May 9)

We didn’t have to leave until 9:30 today, which was a major blessing. During the ~2-hour bus ride, Eric, Grant, Kayla, and I played 500 Rummy. I had 490 by the time we pulled into the parking lot of Continental for the meeting and the tour. I learned that Continental sells a lot more than tires, and they’re focusing on a much more connected, electric, and autonomous future. After the first portion of the talk, we had several questions for the presenter, focusing on alternative forms of energy and the future of electric power. We were fed lunch on the campus of Continental, and then another talk session followed. I personally liked the first session more because the first talk was more focused on engineering than business strategy, and we were not able to ask many questions after the second talk. While the factory tour didn’t have as many exciting robotic elements as BMW’s did, I still enjoyed it. They had autonomous robots that could carry tools around and avoid obstacles. The robots even knew somehow to stay in between the yellow tape lines on the ground.

During the short bus ride in between the Continental factory and Regensburg, Megan started a riddle game where one must figure out the rule of the game in order to successfully play. As people discovered the rule, they were eager to share with others on the trip, and the game quickly spread to most of the students on the trip. After Megan’s game, others thought it would be fun to share other riddle games that they knew with the group, and eventually, the whole bus was full of people trying to figure out different riddle games.

When we arrived in Regensburg, we took a tour of the city. Regensburg is really cool because it was a wealthy, stone city during the middle ages, but it was rather poor and unimportant during World War II. As a result, the architecture is still from the middle ages, because it was build with strong stones back then, and it wasn’t bombed during the war. If I remember correctly, Regensburg is the largest medieval city north of the Mediterranean Sea, making it a historic site. The tour yielded lots of picturesque moments, and it was a great experience.

Tower Built in Regensburg


David and Goliath Mural

The tour ended right about where our restaurant was, and as is becoming a theme in Bavaria, our dinner was both heavy and delicious. The bus ride back involved lots of chatting and various little games to pass the time. We finished the rummy game in one final hand, and we even played a periodic table name game at one point.

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