The Hunt (May 7)

Today was a pretty exciting day. I got up at about 7 am to get ready for the day, which means I got about 9 1/2 hours of sleep. The breakfast today was delicious. German hotel breakfasts are much better than American ones because they have some cold cuts along with the traditional eggs and bacon. We boarded a tram around 8:40 and headed to the Universität Augsburg, where we split up into our company groups for the intro presentations. My group was assigned to BMW, and it consisted of Anna, Kayla, Liam, and I from the US and Lucia, Sara, and Lena from Germany. After the allotted 1 hr, 15 min, we presented our findings. Kayla and I worked on the products slides, where we briefly presented some statistics about BMW’s 6-Series, M5, and X1 to give some examples of the different cars they make.

University of Augsburg Business Building

After all five presentations, we went to lunch, where things got a tad disastrous. We somehow managed to get lost on the way to lunch, but eventually we all found our way to the Mensa dining hall on campus. Unfortunately, the cashiers didn’t speak English, which made for some major confusion, but Kayla (the only German-speaking student on the trip) bailed us out. After lunch, some German students who will be traveling to Pitt next semester gave us a brief tour of campus, including some places that we had all already seen while we were lost. They then split us up into two teams and joined us for the Augsburg scavenger hunt.

We traveled all around town, from Town Hall to various statues to may churches around the city. We did some statue re-enacting, asked some locals for help, and even ran into our guide from yesterday’s trip to visit the Fuggerei. Some of the questions required us to enter crypts inside churches, and others involved several bars around the town. Overall, the scavenger hunt was great fun for all involved. It ended at a brewery and involved some alcohol-free beer tasting. The place we were sitting happened to face a Deutsche Bahn railyard, providing a spectacular close-up view to the passing passenger and freight trains every 3-5 minutes.

My Scavenger Hunt Group

After the tasting, we went to dinner at a pizza place called Dragone. I had a seafood pizza, which was absolutely delicious, but the really cool part was the conversation we had. Eric and I (both Christians), sat with Jess and Liv (both Jewish), so we talked about a lot of the similarities and differences of our religions. It was a very informative conversation.

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