Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Weather wise, today was cold and rainy; however, three of us still set off first thing to see Juliet’s house. We took pictures on the balcony and went through the museum of sorts. At the end, we posed with a statue of Juliet. It was definitely my favorite stop of the day.


Next, we went into the few shops open to try to stay out of the rain while waiting for the clock tower to open. Once it was 10 am, we proceeded to climb 282 steps to the top instead of taking the elevator. The panoramic view was gorgeous. I just wish it was a nicer day to take pictures.


We went back to the hotel after making it safely back down to the ground. After napping, the whole group headed off to our site visit. I learned a lot about how Italians view fashion and how their view differs from that of Americans. We also were able to see a small scale production of how clothes are made. Overall, I gained a better understanding of fashion through the visit.


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