15 May 2018 – slow day

Today was pretty slow because we just did’t have a lot on the agenda.  There was a free morning so a few of us went for a walk into the city center of Verona. We ended up climbing the tower in Piazza Bra to get a good look at the city.  We counted the number of cranes in the city and decided there were twenty.  After that we climbed the hill again.  That was pretty cool because it was daytime and I had not yet seen the city from above during the day.

After the walk that morning we went to the Consortium della Moda.  They assisted in the organizational components of smaller, more creatively focused businesses so they could focus on being creative.  It was a little difficult to figure out what was going on because the employees didn’t speak english and their italian had to be translated.  They gave us a really good lunch though, which consisted of sandwiches and some lasagna.  Pretty slow day.

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