Business Day!

What an eventful day! I think I can honestly say that today was the day I learned the most about the fashion in Italy due to our 3 site visits. I’m very happy about the places we visited and this is one of my favorite days we have had so far. 

We started our day by checking out of the Grand Hotel in Verona and then we made our way to the Logistics Center-Verona Fashion Consortium. The whole company called Dotlog, is basically the middle man between the consumer and the retailer itself. It helps the retailer get their product to the consumer by minimizing costs and time. One thing that really surprised me about the company visit was the fact that sales for tangible products are surpassing sales of intangible products like anything online. Everyone thinks that digital entities will begin to take over but data from the logistic center shows the opposite. 

Next, we walked to Sartoria Cavour Tailoring Company which was right down the street. The tailoring company makes suits for companies like Ralph Lauren and they also do personal tailoring. The company was very authentic and small. They make 60 suits a day which isn’t very many compared to other manufacturers but the difference in quality is very definite. 

After that, we took a small break for lunch and then we were back on the road for our last site visit! This was the site visit that I was most excited about. 

We went to the Mario Faroni Knitwear Factory and it was amazing. They make knitwear like sweaters, coats, and pants for brands like Gucci, Yeezy, and Givenchy and more iconic brands. Mario himself showed us around the factory and showed us all the steps in making the clothing. He took us to his lab where they made their own clothes from scraps left in the factory. These clothes were in fashion shows in Milan Fashion Week about 2 weeks go. The designs were incredible! Next, we looked at the fashion library of all the pieces the factory has made for the MF1 brand. There were over 7,000 pieces in a giant room. Everything was color coded and in perfect rows. It was absolutely breath taking. Then he showed us the school he built to teach students how to make the clothes the way they do in his factory. The school will open this September for the first time. 

I could probably type a whole lot more about today because I loved it so much. I got a lot of pictures and I hope I remember everything I learned for a long time! What a great day! 

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