Day 8: Amazon: my PRIMEary concerns

Monday Funday! Today’s excursion led us behind the doors of one of the most well-known brands in the modern world: Amazon. To be brief, I wasn’t super impressed. Heres why.

If it hasn’t been made clear by now, my attitude is very laid-back/casual. From what I saw, Amazon really couldn’t have been a worse cultural fit for me.
The first thing that we had to do when we arrived was sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). I completely understand the necessity to have NDAs signed, but it was a shock coming from the likes of Bord Bia and Google, who were incredibly open and easy going in the way that they conducted business. After that, each of us had to have pass cards to get through gateways throughout the building. On them, they said something along the lines of “Must Never Be Left Unattended”. Now while my childish attitude sometimes warrants labels like this, I still felt like I was having my hand held.

Upon getting settled, we were sat in a conference room and lectured to. While I respected the fact that the each of the speakers took time out of their incredibly busy – and perhaps overworked – schedule, I did feel like they were all very rigid. Outside of this, they were all seemingly braggadocious. It all just did not sit very well with me.

As someone who as viewed Amazon as an incredibly prestigious institution and somewhere where I’d like to work one day, this was all disappointing. Perhaps, though, it was best to figure out that Amazon wasn’t a good fit before I exhausted so many resources trying to get a job there.

It’s not all gloom, though. I did really enjoy hearing about the technical side and all of the possible applications of Alexa. It really is an incredible technology and I didn’t realize it was so important to Amazon, honestly.
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