Dota Dota

A cooperative is another type of way a business can operate. So far none of the coffee places we have visited have been cooperatives. Today’s company, Dota, was the first and last cooperative that we visited. Dota is a very large cooperative with over 900 coffee farms. This way of operation has many advantages and disadvantages.

One of the bigger advantages that they have is that they have many sources for opinion. Since they have a large diverse group of people, many ideas that may not have been thought of by one group can now be presented. Another advantage is that if one farms output is low it doesn’t necessarily hurt the output of Dota. As well, if one farms output increases drastically it can benefit the company even more since it more output is now in the market. Just as being large can be a benefit, it can also be a disadvantage. Since the cooperative is so large it may be harder to come to a decision on a business decision. This can cause tension between farms if they strongly disagree with another farms idea. Another disadvantage is that they are all in the same industry. If the there is an issue with coffee beans one season then Dota will be crippled for that period of time, along with all 900 farms. If they were involved in other businesses then if one crop is damaged then they wouldn’t be in as big of a hole because they would still be producing revenue.

The community of Santa Marià de Dota would be completely different without the cooperative that takes place there. The cooperative creates a flow of business in the community. If you were to take it away, the community would lose its largest flow of business. Its economy would be severely damaged. Along with this, Santa Marià would not be as attractive for people to move there. The cooperative adds many advantages for families. It provides steady jobs and incomes. This is extremely attractive, which is why the community as grown to be what it is today.

Café Privilegios provides a particular aspect to the community. It is most likely the largest sources for jobs in the community. Along with this the high school prepares students to be baristas, so that they can have jobs instantly after they graduate. They also provide a ton of income for the community. Café Privilegios provides so much for the community of Santa Marià de Dota.

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