Coming to a CLOTHES

Today was a great day in Milan. We didn’t have to wake up and be ready till 10:15 which I appreciated greatly. Then we embarked on a fashion store tour of the city. We looked at shops all around, big and small, talking about their importance in Italian culture. Then we took a tour of the largest department store we have ever seen, The Excelsior. It was seven incredible floors of pure beauty. The first floor is all food, almost like a grocery store, the second is wine. The third is kind of knick knacks and perfume which was good for a quick browse and smell test. The fourth was men’s fashion and everything was so dope. I was tempted to buy my boyfriend another present until I looked at the price tags. All the brands are luxury or higher class brands. The next floor was women’s fashion, also a floor that had me literally gasping for air. Then the last floor was all designer shoes which are more like art to me. 7521C838-9246-4C02-AD32-1EC52A902C03

Later in the day we had a short presentation on the Bottega Velasca Shoe Company. This talk focused on the business side of starting a company and more on how to strategize a business model. She talked about how this specific company used e-commerce and digitalized marketing to reach it’s target audience. I really enjoyed this speech and I felt that the presenter was super passionate about what she was doing. She even had great ways of joking to make her seem very charismatic and deflecting irrelevant comments.

After, my friends and I grabbed dinner on the strip by 10 Courso Como. I ate so much as I know it is one of our last’s day here and even though Im excited for ice coffee and Mexican restaurants back in America, I am really gonna miss all of this delicious food.

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