Day 12: Last Group Day – Up a Mountain and Down for Some Schnitzel

Today was our last day as a group with all of the Pitt students (besides when we’d go to the airport) and the last with the German students, so it was definitely a bittersweet day all together.

We started our morning with a classic Bavarian breakfast, where we left the hotel at 8:15, so it wasn’t too bad of a start time and we didn’t have to wake up earlier enough to account for breakfast, and we could nap a little bit more on the bus.

Once everyone was downstairs, which definitely wasn’t on time…we were all set to leave. Like I said, there was time to nap on the bus, and I did just that! When we got there it didn’t feel like it because we pulled up with a field on one side and what just looked like houses on the other. We get off the bus, walk inside to the “house” and it turns out to be like a giant shed inside with lots of picnic tables, a little bar and even a little meat counter.

We had weisswurst with mustard and pretzels for breakfast. An interesting combo for the morning to say the least. It was really good, but it threw me off with it being earlier in the day. It was definitely an experience. We had to skin the sausage first in order to eat it which was interesting, I got the hang of it pretty well, Arielle was struggling a bit more…we were also the only Americans at our table so that made our ability look even worse!

Breakfast is served!

Next we went on to Oberammergau! The place was surprisingly farther away than I thought (in my eyes, meant more nap time :))! Once we got there we explored the town a little bit. We were all let loose for about 45 minutes which for us meant 2 things: time to buy souvenirs and more importantly, time to get ice cream! So what’d we do? Exactly that! There were souvenir shops everywhere! We kept going into them all too, there were lots of wood carvings among the classic types of souvenirs.

Once our time was up in the town, we headed for Laber Mountain. We took a gondola lift up to the top. Initially, we were worried because it was rocking quite a bit but then it was okay, until we hit a bump along the cable which was kind of scary. We started to slow up and then saw this sign:

Not a really comforting feeling right? Why word it that way?? “Normal Consequence!”

As we rode up further, the town looked really small and then suddenly we couldn’t see anything because we were in the clouds!! We got to the top and went to the lookout, there were only clouds in view but the whole experience was still cool. After sometime the clouds did start to clear and we got to have a partial view from the top. We were the first group up and while we waited for the others and the view to clear up I ‘explored’ the mountain a little bit more.

Climbed a little further down than I probably should’ve

Probably not the best idea, but hey, I didn’t fall!

Eventually the rest of the group made it up and we took lots of pictures and embraced the moment! I didn’t want to go back down :/ It was such an experience and so much fun just being up there with this group of people. Eventually, we had to make our way down (I loved it so much I waited to be one of the last cars down)!

The view after clearing up a little bit where we could see the town

Once we were all back down the mountain, it was time to go back to the hotel and freshen up before the farewell dinner.

I decided to try and pack a little bit since we had a couple hours and this was stressing me out so I thought I’d get a head start…Didn’t get to far before I had to shower and get ready for dinner though.

We got to the restaurant and I wasn’t expecting it to look like it did on the inside from the outside. It was a lot bigger and more free space than I thought, similar effect to where we had breakfast, but quite a bit nicer.

I had my last schnitzel and apfelschorle of the trip 🙁 both we’re very good and I tried to savor them more since this was it. At the dinner we got to talk with the German students one last time. Our group was a little split up so I talked with members of the BMW group more during dinner. It was nice to get to know even more students, even if it was the final moments.

Dinner: last schnitzel and apfelschorle

After dinner we went outside to exchange gifts, take pictures and say our final farewells, another bittersweet moment on the trip. We all hung around for a little bit talking with one another and not wanting to leave our groups. We finally made our move out and said goodbye one final time. Right before we left Arielle got us together and said “I’ll see you guys Saturday morning at 6am!” Today was Thursday and Friday is the free day so we wouldn’t see either Dr. Feick or Arielle until the morning of the flight. It felt weird hearing that and I’m sure it was weird for her to say it too!

Bittersweet last group picture! (there wasn’t one with both Arielle and Dr. Feick in it so I photo-shopped her in lol)

We parted ways with everyone, I went back to the hotel to tackle the packing mess I left on the bed and finished up the night, ready for an earlier start tomorrow!





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