Not Rattled By The Snake

Our visit to the Mekong Delta was a unique, entertaining experience. We took a boat around the river, stopping at different sites along the way to embrace Vietnamese culture and food. We didn’t hear much about how the Delta was developing environmentally, which I am curious about, so our main focus was to embrace the food and its industry in Vietnam. Rice is a huge export of Vietnam, whether its white, brown or sticky. They also grow many types of tropical fruits and such like longan, coconut, and mango. We actually stopped in “Coconut Land”, where we were lucky enough to try coconut candy hot and fresh and I got coconut ice cream with peanuts in it which was absolutely delicious. We stopped at a cacao place as well, where we sampled different flavors of chocolate and were welcomed with the wonderful smell of chocolate, which is hard to find here in Vietnam. We walked in the back of that store and there he was. The snake. I held a python and it actually wasn’t bad at all, would 10/10 recommend, as it’s an experience I’ll never forget. That experience really shows how touristy the Mekong Delta is, as they saw an opportunity to show us their culture and seized it. When trying jackfruit, which I am actually not a huge fan of even though I love fruit, we watched a traditional musical performance which welcomed us to the island and told us stories. On our way to lunch, we got there by many methods: walking, a sort of gondola in small groups, and a cart pulled by a horse. Lunch was fish spring rolls (we saw the whole fish before it was made into spring rolls), stir-fried beef and noodles, watermelon, and sticky rice. The Mekong’s river and soil make it an amazing place to farm and do business with efficient production and constant tourist attraction. The people who work there don’t only make their business in the Mekong Delta, but also their daily lives. 


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