Arrivederci Forever

On our final full day in Italy, we visited Milan Fashion Library in the canal district and had our last family lunch.

I have been to the canal district a few times for dinner on this trip, but never during the day.  This area of the city is one of my favorites and is a great place  to walk around.  We visited the Milan Fashion Library, a private collection that hosts fashion books dating all the way back to the 1890’s.  We spent a long time there and I was pretty bored since fashion isn’t very interesting so I found two books to read, one about the 60’s and another about photojournalism throughout history.  While at the library, I took today’s featured image, which is a very rare Ki-Adi-Mundi mannequin.

After the library, we had the opportunity to meet the coordinator of our trip, Diego.  He was a nice guy from Texas and I sat next to him at lunch.  Speaking of lunch, we had risotto and meat again.  Then, we said our final goodbyes to Diego and Lorentzo, which were very difficult.  Maybe one day our paths will cross again.

Overall, I am glad I had the opportunity to come to Italy through the plus3 program and will always remember this trip.

One thing I learned about Italian fashion and culture is that for men, collared shirts without buttons on the collar are considered classier than collared shirts with buttons on the collar.

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