Plus 3 has officially come to an end as today was sadly our last day. Despite the sadness of the final day, it was still great! We started bright and early at 9;45 and headed to the Milan Fashion Library. Believe me when I tell you that this place is incredible. Shelves on top of shelves on top of shelves full of historical magazines and trend books that dated back to as early as the 1800’s. A worker at the library gave us a great introduction to the company and what there main purpose was. Basically, the Fashion Library is a place where students come to find inspiration or do research on past and/or present trends. Upstairs from all of the magazines is a meeting room where they hold company meetings or meetings with various clients. With the collection being very rare and based purely off of networking and donations, students have to either pay to use the library to have a member card. Typically, the library will see around 10-20 people per day. I found it extremely interesting when legality was brought into conversation. We were told that many lawyers come to the library to do research on which designer started what trend or had what idea first.

After the library, we had an amazing, luxurious lunch. The setting was beautiful in the middle of so much greenery and sunlight. We had one of the most amazing risottos I have ever tasted with a beautifully done veal. I opted for the fish instead of veal since I’m not too into baby cow, but the fish was so good! We all ate together, taking in the fact that our amazing two weeks were coming to an end. When lunch ended everyone went their own way and explored the city. What an amazing time we have all had. This trip has not only increased my understanding of the fashion supply chain, but it has also given me amazing new friends and priceless experiences. molan sky

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