Day Twelve: Milan

Yesterday marked our last day in Milan, and while I was sad to be so close to the end, I was determined to make the last day a good one. The weather was nice- not even a chance of rain- and we had a free afternoon after our morning activity and farewell lunch.

Our morning activity was a visit to the Milano Fashion Library, which is a library (duh) in Milan (duh again) that has over 7000 archives including fashion magazines, book, and guides. Designers and influencers come there for inspiration, and at the Milano Fashion Library there’s plenty of it. While the library was relatively small- at least in comparison to an actual library- the room was absolutely filled with archives. I could be there everyday for a week and barely make a dent. It was actually pretty cool. I liked looking at the different models in fashion from different time periods. There were plenty of different styles to draw inspiration from.

After we left the Milano Fashion Library, we had our final group lunch. The place where we went looked like a hole in the wall, but it was actually pretty big. We ate in their outer seating area, and were surrounded by all this pretty greenery. For lunch they served risotto and veal. It was a good last group lunch.

During I free afternoon I did some more shopping, which I really didn’t need since I just went shopping in Verona, but after seeing all the stores in the fashion walking tour the day before I had to.

For dinner, my friends and I kind of cake full circle bc we ate at a restaurant from a strip from our first walking tour in Milan. While there I had gnocchi in a cheese sauce. The first time I ever had gnocchi was in Rome and it was in a cheese sauce, so I feel like I went full circle with a couple of things at my final dinner in Milan. After dinner we of course stopped for gelato, from this popular- and very very crowded- place close to where we had dinner. Great way to end my last night out in the beautiful city of Milan!


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