Ireland Day 12

On Friday we ended our trip with team presentations regarding the site visit that we visited an were assigned to talk about. Presentations are certainly not one of my strong suits. I always get extremely nervous when speaking in front of a group regardless of how many times I have done it in my life. Something that I think I do well in regards to presentations is preparation. Since I know that presentations make me feel uncomfortable, I make sure that I practice my presentation many times before hand and make sure that I am comfortable with the information I am presenting on. If I didn’t do this then I would most likely freeze up in front of the room and forget what I was supposed to say.

One of aspect of presenting that is hard for me is keeping eye contact with the group and talking at a good speed. Because I am generally pretty nervous for presentations, I tend to talk extremely fast. My public speaking professor freshman year told me that my words mumble together during presentations because I talk to fast which is not good! I do my best to take a deep breath and talk slowly if possible. If there was something I would like to get better at, it would be to talk in a confident and strong tone of voice. This is something I struggle with and would really like to improve.

Moving forward, I have drawn from my plus3 presentation that preparation is absolutely key especially when it is on a topic I do not know well and the presentation had to be done relatively quickly. I learned from this presentation that I need to be okay with some ambiguity and work to go with the flow more. Sometimes I do not think that my type A personality is not well suited for business in Dublin!

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