Presenting about an Irish company in Ireland!

Yesterday was our last class at Griffith College as well as my group presentation about Bord Bia Irish Food Board. The presentation was based on our site visit and what we learned from the lectures and tour given by the employees. We did some research about Bord Bia to include an overview of the company in our presentation and then we did a PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) Analysis of the company. Lastly, we highlight some of the functions of the company that are relevant for Pitt Business Majors, and the benefits and take away for participating in a study abroad exclusively for Pitt Business transfer students.

It was my first time doing a group presentation as a business student in another country, so it was both excited and nervous. Personally, I did a good job in preparing the slides by putting relevant information, images and videos along my group members. Also, I wanted to explain what Bord Bia means in English, so I look for the translation and explained it during the presentation. In general, during my presentations I always look at the whole audience to make sure that I am presenting to everyone in the room. I prepare explanations to information written on the slides. If it’s a group presentation, I work with my group ahead of time and I make sure that everyone will participate equally. When I present, my biggest challenge is the English language. I am fluent in English but I tend to make grammar mistakes or sometimes I can find the exact word from Spanish to English so I lost track of what I was talking about. A side effect of my language barriers is getting very nervous so I tend to lower my voice or speak very fast. Therefore, If I want to be a better presenter, I need to work on my tone of voice and accept that is alright to feel nervous. Also, I need to stop worrying about my English-speaking skills and focus more on the content of my presentation.

With regards to what I learned from my presentations in Plus3 program, I realized I need to increase my tone of voice and put more time to prepare for the actual presentation because I looked a lot to the slides and I want to avoid doing that in my future presentations. Overall, it was great to work in a team while abroad because I met new students and I learned a lot about presentations from the other groups.

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