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Wow where do I even start. I feel like it is a cliche for people to say that study abroad changed their life, but for me it really did.  There were so many aspects I was able to pull from and grow from on this trip.  I most definitely grew as both a person and a soon to be professional.  Let me pull out some aspects of it.

  1. View on the world: having only been to Europe when I was younger, I definitely gained a different perspective of the US.  I have always taken the diversity in the US for granted and seeing how homogenous the population is there definitely made me appreciate the mix of people we have more.  I also realized how truly large the US is and how many different terrains and cultures we have.
  2. Me as a professional: this trip made me realize that I need a job where I am traveling constantly.  I would love to have Pittsburgh as my base since I could never leave there probably but travel to different places each week.  Also, I would love a job that bridges technology and business (luckily I am doing something like this this summer).
  3. Technology: Google and Amazon especially made me realize I have much more of a passion for technology than I had originally thought.  The site visits to these places made me so excited for the potential that technology has in the upcoming years and made me realize I want to be involved in that future.
  4. Comfort with being uncomfortable: this was a big theme of the trip and also a big theme in my life.  I feel like I am good at this skill and this trip made me even better at living in ambiguity.
  5. Customer focus: this was another theme of the trip for me since I feel I am a very customer focused person and I use this daily at Apple. This trip made it very apparent to me what a huge difference customer treatment makes for both the cafes we went to and on the site visits.  The site visits where the presenters took the audience into account and tapered what they presented to that were starkly different from the ones who didn’t.

Overall, this trip really was life changing and more than worth it in the end.

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