Lá Déag: Day Fourteen – It’s not Goodbye, It’s see you later

Pitt Study Abroad Plus3 Transfer program was an amazing experience professionally and personally. Professionally I was able to become a more confident businesswoman. Being able to tour the companies helped me gain insight into international companies and how to engage in their different work styles. Learning about Ireland’s impact globally was new to me and something I will not forget. Next time I go shopping at my local grocery store, I will be shopping for Irish goods and thinking about the logistics of how it ended up there. I also learned that study abroad trips really aren’t a vacation. I learned that even in my down time while studying abroad, I still know I have work to do. Even though I am busy most of the time when visiting companies or going to class, I am still representing. America which is work in itself. It was demanding mentally and physically, but in the end, I’m able to sit and reflect about how much I learned which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I went there just for pleasure. I personally grew by engaging in Irish culture. It truly is something that you have to experience in person instead of just hearing about it. Learning about Ireland’s National Identity is the main takeaway I took from this course. Irish strong is a real thing, where everyone in the community supports one another. I also gained my own personal identity while abroad. I learned that I have an internal compass because I was able to navigate my self around Dublin with no problem only after a couple days. Plus3 Transfer Dublin is a program that taught me professionally and personally. It will be an experience I reflect on when I look back at my college days. Peace out Dublin!



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