Day 7- Missing Trains & a Change of Pace

Today was once again a day that was dedicated to exploring Germany, rather than going on a company visit. With our destination set as the city of Munich, we made our way back to Haunstetterstrasse train station at around 9:30 this morning. We boarded the train, and everything was going smoothly, though the train car was pretty packed. Dr. Feick and Arielle suggested that we hop out at the next station and quickly get back into a different, less crowded car on the train. I was a bit hesitant, but did so nonetheless. A bit over half of our group did so as well, including Arielle. Unfortunately, we did not get back on the train in time, despite efforts of students such as AJ, who ran to every car door trying to get one open. Most of us were stuck on a platform in an unknown place while the rest of the group were still en route to Munich with Dr. Feick.

Luckily, we were able to get on the next train, and were soon joined by the rest of the group, who got off the first train and waited for us at another station. We managed to all arrive in Munich together after a brief train ride. At this point, we were running late, and had to hustle to the city center to meet our tour guide at a fish fountain. Our guide did a great job of navigating us through the busy city and educating us despite being short on time. We saw the old and new city halls, the cathedral, a marketplace, a shopping center, and more. She also pointed out interesting areas for us to come back to if we would like during our free time in the city. This included the English gardens, a festival area, and museums.
Munich was unlike any other place we went to in Germany. I personally prefer the smaller, very European looking towns or the quiet serenity of the Alps, but being in the larger city was a nice change of pace for the day. The city was swarmed with fans of the Bayern Munich soccer team, which had a game that day, so it was really fun to see that crowd milling about before kickoff. Almost all of us went for lunch at Hofbrӓuhaus together before heading our separate ways. A group of girls and I decided to take a look around the market and some shops while we had some time. We spent a while in the Birkenstock store, which I am a fan of, and we saw some shoe styles and colors that were not found in America. Once our free time had expired, we met up again as a group at the fish fountain. As I waited for the rest of the group to arrive, we watched the glockenspiel at the city hall. I also took the opportunity to turn my service on and speak to my family on the phone. It was the day of my younger brother’s birthday party so I wanted him to know I was thinking of him.
Before heading back to Augsburg for the night, we  had dinner at Hans im Glueck. I had a delicious burger and fries combination, but, my table was frustrated by how difficult and expensive it is to order still water as most places. We shook it off though and had a really good time together, exchanging many meaningless jokes and stories. My the time we returned back to our hotel, I was very full and exhausted from the exciting day! I am a bit nervous about tomorrow, which is our group trip to the concentration camp in Dachau.

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