The Great Train Caper (May 12)

Today was quite an adventure. We all left the hotel at about 9:15 to catch a 9:30 train to Munich. It was very full, so about two stops in, we tried to spread out by having the group move to a different car. Unfortunately, a bunch of people got stuck outside the train while Dr. Feick, Kayla, Grant, Sonja, and I were still on the train. We then got off two stops later, and Dr. Feick instructed Arielle to have everyone get on the next train to Munich. This was actually kind of fun for me because it meant I got to do a bit or train watching. Eventually, another train came, and we all safely got on to head to Munich. Everybody was a bit flustered when we arrived, but at least we made it.


We were late for our tour, but the guide was very kind, and she still hit a lot of key places and gave a great tour. After the tour, we had 4 ½ hours of free time. Almost everyone went to the Hofbrӓuhaus for lunch, which was delicious. I can now say that I’ve been to the original, which is very exciting. After lunch, most of the group went to the marketplace to buy some souvenirs. We stayed for about 20 minutes before regrouping. At that point, Eric, Grant, Kayla, Liam, Arman, and I went to the nearby gardens to walk around and look for a spot where people surf in a small river. Liam and Arman left just before we got to the spot, but the rest of us got a cool treat. There were some standing waves caused by rocks, and surfers just came to that spot in the park to surf the waves. We watched for a while, completely mesmerized by the surfers. Eventually, we had to go back because we wanted to see the glockenspiel play on one of the main clocktowers. It was cool to see the figures moving, but the glockenspiel itself was unfortunately out of tune.

Inside the Hofbrӓuhaus

We met up with the group at 5:30 to go to dinner at a burger place in Munich. It was crazy how quickly the time flew by. At one point in the day, I commented that Munich was like New York’s smaller, but smarter and more attractive older sibling. The city had a very tourist-y feel to it, but the architecture, the street layout, and the atmosphere were much better than that of New York City. The city was filled with music, too, and not just because there was a choral festival going on. It seemed as if every 500-meter stretch had its own street performer, and as soon as you got out of earshot of one performer, you entered the territory of another. Overall, I really enjoyed my day in Munich. I would happily go back if I had the chance to spend another day touring the city.

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