Day Elf (Eleven) – It’s the Final Presentation Day, and Birthday

Today was the only day we did not have to wake up early, and to me, this is the best birthday gift from Plus3. Today is the most important day of this trip because in the afternoon we have our final presentation.

After brushing up and replying to all the birthday texts, I and my group took the tram to the University to have lunch at their cafeteria. We talked about our plans for the rest of the afternoon and how we think we can reduce our speaking time, so we can give the German students more space in case they speak a little slower than they planned to. Since they still have class, we found a table in the business facility to finish up our last-minute changes. Jani finished class early and sat with us. While waiting for Felix to get out of class, Jani showed us around more and took us to Felix’s car to pick up his button-down shirt. He owned an Audi Q1, a crossover that can go up to 200km/hour. Jani explained that Felix had to drive from Ulm to the university five days a week, and the car was a great investment for him.

Finally, at around 3:30, Felix finished class and we went to a room to rehearsal a couple more times. The timing issue improved a lot but still an issue. Because Dr. Feick took points off from the presentation last week because we went too long, we just want to make sure we stay in time limit because we all know for sure that he will take points off. We made a strategic decision to cut some slides in order to save time, and those slides will be used if something related comes up during the question time.

Then, the finale. Each group started rolling into the presentation room at around 20 minutes before the scheduled start time. The order of presenting was decided randomly, we wanted to go second so that we can see how the first group do and go second to be done with it, but we ended up going third which was fine too.

I thought our presentation went very well. We ended with 20 seconds to spare, but we were able to cover all the material we wanted to. Felix, Marius, and Jani (the three German students) did a great job on presenting their part, especially not going over the limit. This gave me and Derek more time to go into more detail presenting our part of the presentation (Because our part is one of the most detailing an important part of the whole presentation).

Everyone was relieved after the presentation, basically, our trip is done by this point. All we had left is a sightseeing tomorrow and free day Friday. We had a little celebration for my birthday, nothing big but almost everyone on the trip was present. Janni and Marius were able to attend as well. We all had some great and deep talks, from funny jokes to career goals. It is those kinds of hangouts and bonding events I appreciate the most. To me, this is the kind of birthday I imagined, I appreciate, and I enjoy.

On the downside, the most important presentation happened on my birthday. On the bright side, after the presentation we are free, and this also happened on my birthday. Regardless, my first and only 19th Birthday in Germany was amazing, unimaginable, and totally worth it.

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