Day Dreizehn (Thirteen) – It’s Austria and Sound of Music

Since last week, I and Steve have been wondering what we should do during our free day. We talked to Felix and them and they told us to go to Salzburg, the city in Austria right below the Alps, and where the sound of music was filmed. We got really excited, both I and Steve are huge Sound of Music fans (he is a bigger fan than me). After a week of gathering information and talking to the German students, we decided that we will take the 8:30 train to Munich, then connect to Salzburg. As expected, when we told everyone else on the trip about this they all wanted to come. Just like this, we started a 14-people road trip to Salzburg on our last day of the Plus3 Program.

Because of Jani, we were able to find the special deal of 50 euros per group of five train ticket instead of the 140 euro per person one. Although the 140 euros ticket gets us to Salzburg faster, we didn’t mind paying 130 euros less and take up an extra two hours in travel.

It turned out to be a beautiful day. Once again the weather app tricked us when we checked yesterday it said we will get rain all day today, but turned out we were all wrong and wore too many clothes and ended up sweating our ass off. Still, coming to Salzburg is the best decision I’ve made this trip.

Steve became our tour guide, he researched all the places he wanted to go and most of us ended up just following him. Our first stop was food, it was another Düner place and absolutely amazing, and cheap! Then we walked along the main street and came to a huge garden behind a mansion. I’m not too sure what this exactly is but apparently is one of the biggest tourist attraction here and lies between a mansion, the river, and a university. Then we kept walking, crossed the river to the other side of the town, oh this is where all the fun stuff is. At first, it gave off a similar feel to Regensburg, we were walking through valleys of buildings and stores on both sides. We came upon an open spot where the statue of Mozart stands in the middle of all tourists. Mozart used to be loved by everyone here, and he still is today. After that, we walked towards the castle that lies on top of the hill. We stopped a couple times because the hill was really steep, in exchange we got some wonderful pictures. We didn’t want to pay to go into the castle, but the view up here is pretty sick, you can check them out in the pictures.

For the next three hours, we just walked around the city more. We stopped by an open space where several souvenir stores were present, and we all got something. We got Ice cream again, and of course, we passed by Mozart’s birthplace, and a couple buildings and places where the Sound of Music was filmed. We also paid a visit to the infamous St. Peter’s Church and the Cemetery. Steve really stepped it up, becoming the free tour guide of this trip even though it was his first time there too. When there is a nice weather, people are happier, more likely to enjoy the day, and more likely to take a nap. That is exactly what we did after we crossed the river back to the side of the city we started the trip on, we laid down on the little hill next to the river and took naps. It really separates you from your busy daily life and social media and gives you the chance to truly enjoy a beautiful day and a beautiful place. I can take a nap everywhere, but the nap at the hill next to the river in Salzburg was something special. I was able to truly relax, listen to the river and the wind leaves giving of the “Shasha” sound, birds making their “chichi” noises, bicycles and cars going past. It made me appreciate nature, something I couldn’t find where I live and go to school.

Without any notice, forty minutes went by and it was time for us to head back to the train station. For dinner, we all stopped by the düner place again. Yea I know we are lame, but the food is just so good that it’s worth going back for the second time on the same day.

We hopped on the train around 6. Looking out the window of the moving train, I came to a realization of how much I am missing out if I didn’t come to Germany. At the same time, it gave me excitement. Now I want to have more opportunity to travel around the world, so I can see things and places that surprise me like Salzburg and the other towns we visited.

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