Day 5: Hello MTV, Welcome to My Crib…

Most establishments are closed on Thursdays during May for holidays in Germany, so instead of touring a company we got to tour a castle!  The day started early with a bus ride to the town Neuschwanstein was near.  Then, we had to hike up the hill to the top to see the castle.  As we hiked through the forest to the top, horse drawn carriages kept passing us.  I was confused as to why horses were used instead of cars, but maybe it hyped up the castle aesthetic more?  I enjoyed looking at the foliage around the path and compared it to the nature in Pittsburgh- the forest seemed more tranquil in Germany.



Dr. Feick kept telling us we were almost to the top even it we were far from it.  When we finally made it to the base of the castle, we got to explore a bit.  The views were incredible!



We took a group picture before hiking another trail to a bridge for even more incredible views.  We spent a while on the bridge taking pictures with the castle.



When it was almost our time to tour the castle, we headed back to the entrance for a short break.  I spent this time taking pictures by the entrance of the castle.  Before starting the tour, the guide asked us to wear our backpacks on the front instead of our backs.  I think this was so that we wouldn’t accidentally bump into anything, but throughout the tour there wasn’t anything to break.  The tour was short as we explored only a small portion of the castle.  Dr. Feick had given us a preface to the castle and Ludwig II of Bavaria on the bus in the morning which I enjoyed having some background information while the tour guide spoke.  I enjoyed going through the castle to all the different rooms and seeing how ornate and detailed each room was.  The fairytale look of the castle was based off King Ludwig’s admiration of Richard Wagner, a composer.  In fact, Neuschwanstein means “New Swan Stone” in reference to a character created by Wagner.  One thing that I found interesting about the castle was that it had central heating, which was revolutionary technology at that time.  That was a very engineering thing of me to enjoy about the tour.  One thing that shocked me was that Ludwig’s bedroom was smaller than I expected.  I thought that, with the castle as big as it was, the bedroom would have been significantly larger.  At the end of the tour, I stopped for a while in the gift shop in search of a deck of cards for my collection.  I ended up spending a long time in the shop and was one of the last people to rejoin the group outside of the castle.  The hike down the mountain was much easier than up in the morning.  As we walked down, herds of people were on their way up, significantly more than when we hiked up- this made me glad the day started earlier because we got to see the castle when it was less crowded.


We rode the bus from Neuschwanstein to the nearby town, Füssen, for lunch and some free time.  As we drove away from the castle, it started to look tiny even though it was massive.  While everyone got ice cream during our free time, I took a walk around town to try and find a souvenir shop.  However, I didn’t go too far away from the meeting spot because each street looked the same and I didn’t want to get lost.  Next, we rode to Wieskirche, a church where a miracle happened.  The church was very detailed and ornate.





Before leaving the town, we stopped at a donut shop for a quick snack.  The donut was delicious; it was perfectly sweet and gooey, yet crisp.  This donut was the perfect way to end the day.






Dog Counter: I saw 28 dogs today!! Many puppies were also embarking on the hike to the castle!


Low of the Day:

Hiking up the hill.


Our hike started at the crane in the left of this picture



High of the Day:

We had several mini photoshoots with the castle as a backdrop and I got great pictures to post on social media.


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