Day 12: The First Goodbye

May 17, 2018

I can’t believe that there is only two more days left on this trip…

We had a busy schedule planned for today. It started out with a company visit to Delphi Technologies where we met an Asian man named Dr. Fan who turned out to be an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Fan gave us a little background of himself, saying how he was an engineering major at Pitt studying for his PhD. He said finding a job in the United States was tough for him at the time, so he decided to move back to China and found one at Delphi. I think the most interesting part of his story was that he did not stay in the engineering department. Instead, he was switched to the General Manager in the sales section. Dr. Fan was a very good speaker and was a natural salesman, but it was cool to find that he was able to transition from engineering to sales successfully. He is responsible for the whole Asia Pacific area and has around 3,000 people in his group which is very impressive.

After Dr. Fan’s presentation, we were given a tour of Delphi’s engineering lab. Delphi is currently working towards creating hybrid/electric vehicles, specifically more efficient engines. It was really cool to see the different types of cars and the engines that they were working on. However, being a business major, I didn’t really understand most of the things that they explained about the engines. It just looked like a bunch of wires and lights blinking to me, but it was intriguing because I don’t usually get to see things like that. Hybrid and electric cars are the future for more efficient transportation, so Delphi’s work is very important.

Afterwards, we went for a quick lunch and headed to the American Chamber of Commerce, or AmCham for short. We were met by two guys, Hank and Chris, who talked about what their company is. AmCham is a non-profit company that provides advocacy services and flow of information between many organizations. They strive to help build relationships between companies including start-ups as well as being the link between the U.S. and China in terms of Government affairs. Hank and Chris gave us some of their views on China and what the Chinese government’s goals are for the future. They talked about Cyber Security in China and how the government filters a lot of what is presented on the news as well as blocking many different sites. This is quite different from the United States where the government has less control of what people can and can’t do online. In addition, another topic they discussed that interested me was working towards the One Belt One Road policy, which China is trying to create more open paths of trade to more countries. This will overall help China in spreading its influence across the globe. Although the visit was long, the information we discussed made it worth every minute.



At night, we went to the local mall to have dim sum for dinner. This was our last meal before Liliana, one of our Asia Institute guides, left us for good. It was awesome getting to know her over the course of the trip. As the day came to an end, we finally said goodbye. It was starting to sink in that our time in China was soon coming to a close.


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