Day 10: A Flexible Shanghai Night

In the morning I felt well rested and was excited for today because we were going to the East China University of Science and Technology. The last university visit was so fun, I was expecting the same or similar entertaining experience. I was excited because I was hoping to learn more about the technology industry in China. However, that was not what happened. When we got to the university we were led to one of the classrooms where we were greeted by our professor for the visit, Dr. Regina Huang. She first started the lecture by teaching us a little bit about China’s history and some geography facts that play into how China is governed. Though we had already been in China for10 days, it was still insightful and interesting information. I was hoping that after that she would maybe go in to information about technology but, instead she focused her lecture mainly on the China as a major financial power around the world. It was still a very informative and engaging experience.

After the lecture, we met our student buddies. It was more formal here, than at the last university. Two of us were assigned to one of the local students, so we each had our own personal guides. The first thing we did with our guide was have lunch with them. There cafeteria looked a lot like market’s setting where there were various food options. I had noodles and beef, which tasted delicious, and very different from food at market. I spent lunch eating and trying to talk with my buddy and learn about her life as a student in China. After lunch we went back to the classroom where we played a fun game. It was like hot potato except, the loser who was left with the toy didn’t get eliminated, but instead had to perform. I made sure not to get caught, but of course I can’t say the same for my classmates. I learned a lot about my friend’s special talents.

When we left the university, we went straight to the hotel and later that night a few of us went to the acrobatics show. I was really excited for the acrobatics show because I had never been to one. I had only ever seen acrobatic acts within a circus show. This would be an entire 90-minute show with just acrobatics; I didn’t know what that would be like. The show was amazing. Watching extremely strong and flexible people doing all kinds of tricks with their bodies was so intriguing. After the show, instead of taking the bus back to the hotel, we decided to walk around the city. We didn’t really go anywhere, but we just kind of walked in a general direction towards the hotel. The city looked beautiful of course lit up at night. After a while, we decided to walk back to the hotel instead of taking the subway. It seemed liked we would be walking forever but we spent the whole time singing songs, talking and just having a good time. It was a fun night.

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