Day 11: Final Presentations

Well the day finally arrived! Day 11 included the highly anticipated final presentation of our company analyses. My group and I met at the University around noon to finish up our presentation and practice it as a group a couple times. The first thing we did when  we got to the University was eat at their food court which is called “Mensa.” The food at their University could honestly be served at a high class restaurant in America it is that good. After eating we regrouped and put the finishing touches on our presentation.

Personally I’m not too fond of presentations, and because of this I wanted to be the first group to present to get it out of the way. Due to this, it was only fitting that I drew the piece of paper with the number “5” on it, meaning we were the last group to present. All of the groups did incredible jobs and really made their presentations interesting, professional, and kept the audience’s attention for the duration of their presentation. I was very happy with our presentation on KUKA and was actually pretty impressed with how well it was. The collaboration between the German students and American students really resulted in a very thorough and well-organized analyses of the companies. Everyone seemed to be very pleased with how the presentations went and were relieved when we finally left the presentation room (after nearly three hours) and headed back to the hotel.

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