Day 6: Cinnamon

Today had a rough start as our train was running about half an hour late.  However, this gave us the opportunity to watch other trains at the train station.  We were taking an ICE train to Ulm for the day.  This specific train can travel up to 300 km/h, and the front of the train looked more aerodynamic than the other trains in the station.  What I enjoyed most about the train was that the train had WIFI.  Whenever we would go anywhere, people would always ask me if there was WIFI as that was one of the first things I would check for and always knew the answer.  After arriving in Ulm, we walked from the train station to the Münster.


However, we were greeted by at least a hundred 3ft tall Einstein statues in the open space in front of the church.  At first, I thought this was odd, but then I realized Ulm was where Einstein was born.  Later, I learned that the Einstein statues were for sale to raise money for a museum dedicated to Einstein as there was not one currently in existence.



Next, we were tasked with climbing to the top of the Münster, a challenge that would require scaling 768 steps.  The staircase was small and steep with small windows every few steps, and each step was pie shaped as the staircase spiraled around in a tower.  Within the first minute of climbing, I started to get dizzy and feel sick, but I continued on in hope that it would fade.  Unfortunately, it only got worse.  I have a fear of heights, and the higher I climbed, the more panicky I got.  I stopped on a ledge in the staircase for another break and to let the rest of the group pass me.  Liv and I decided to go back down.  We stopped at an outlook that was about a quarter of the way up the church, so I could catch my breath and so that we could admire the view.  Although we didn’t make it to the top, the view was still interesting.


During the walk down, my legs were shaking with each step because I was still a bit shaken up.  I didn’t feel back to normal until we were outside the tower in the lobby.  We decided to go outside, found 2 chairs among the Einstein statues, and waited until the rest of the group returned.


Next, we went on a tour of the city.  Our tour guide started by talking about the Münster and explained that the only spot to take a picture of the whole church, because it was so tall, was from a certain corner of the open space in front of the church.


Next, we gathered around a model of the city where he explained that Ulm was subject to bombings during WWII, but the church was only minimally damaged.


Inside the church, we discussed where the top of the church was and how the wind effected this measurement.  There are 2 X’s carved into the floor to signify the point below the tower.  It bothered me that neither of these measurements were near the center of the circle stone in the floor as the church was fairly asymmetric.


Our last stop on the tour before lunch was at the most crooked hotel.  This fascinated me that it was still standing as it looked like it was falling into the river.  Based on how slanted the exterior of the hotel was, I wondered what the inside looked like- was everything crooked and slanted as well or did it look normal?


Because our train was running later this morning, we had to end our city tour short and headed to lunch at a crepe restaurant.  One thing that I noticed about Germany was that cinnamon is rarely used, which I did not enjoy because cinnamon is my favorite spice.  In fact, during breakfast on the first day, I grabbed a crescent that looked like it might contain cinnamon inside but was disappointed when I started eating it and it contained chocolate.  Despite the extensive crepe options, I decided to order basic cinnamon sugar crepes.  I was delighted when my sugary lunch arrived as it tasted delicious and reminded me of home.



The “Super Pancake” that Bob and Derek ordered


We had to rush back to the train station after lunch to catch the train.





Dog Counter: I saw 15 dogs today!


Low of the Day:

I was unable to climb all 768 steps to the top of the Münster.


High of the Day:

Once again, those crepes were delicious.  They came with some fruit which was a nice surprise.

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