Blog Day 13: The Last Full Day

Today was our last full day in not just Shanghai, but also in China.  Because this was our last day of the trip, we had our final project today as well, but that wasn’t until 4:00.  In the morning, we had our last cultural visit at the Yu garden.  The garden’s entrance is nestled in a street market that is a bustling location.  There are many street vendors who are all willing to barter with you, and one should especially since they tend to completely overcharge unless you barter with them.

The garden is a beautiful and serene place.  It is a home built several hundred years ago by a merchant for himself.  It follows many of the trends in these types of homes during the time, like having zig-zagging bridges, numerous ponds, and many scholar’s rocks.  The garden is beautiful and is a nice change of pace to be in compared to the hustle and bustle of the city.

After the cultural visit, we were given free time in the market to explore the area and shop area.  I was able to grab a couple of souvenirs for myself, but this market had the same problem as the last one.  Everyone was selling the exact same products made from the same manufacturer.  It sullies the experience a bit, but I still had a fun time.

After the market, we went back to the hotel for some more free time before we all had our final presentations with our groups.  I spent my time napping since I was behind on my sleep from staying up late and hanging out with people.  It was refreshing being able to take a nap for a bit.

At 4:00 we all had our fateful moments of our final presentation for Plus3 China.  We had to pitch a profitable business idea meant for a Chinese market.  All six groups thankfully passed the final and had feasible ideas.  My group’s idea was to start a company that produced a scanner to detect allergens in food, and yes, the technology does exist for it.

After our presentations, we all went to our last program sponsored dinner at an Arabic-Chinese restaurant not far from where we presented.  That was easily the best meal I had on the trip since it was a blend of the two cultures, and it worked really well.  Eventually we started to get sentimental and everyone started to give speeches about their time in China and their experiences with the group.  It was a good time, and a great way for all of us to bond one last time.  We also got good tasting fruit drinks and some free stuff as prizes from our performance on the presentations. I got a nice quality pen.

After dinner the group walked back to the hotel and we were told that we needed to be up, packed, and checked out by 11:00 the next day.  Naturally everybody wanted to mess around late into the night.  I wanted to as well, so I packed a good bit of my clothes, then I went out with everyone else to hangout.  I got back to the hotel room later and then immediately went to sleep.



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