Day 11: Largest Port and Delicious Pasta

This morning after breakfast, we were introduced to a man by the name of Mac Sullivan. He was going to be like our tour guide today but for our company and site visit. He is an American man who has been living in China for 8 years. He explained to us that he actually hasn’t lived in America since he was about the age of 20. He works with a logistics company which helps transport goods or supplies. During our bus ride to our first company visit of Shanghai, Ocean East International which happened to be a logistics company, Mac helped explain everything we would need to know about the logistics industry and how it would be helpful to know about this kind of business in our respective careers.

At the Ocean’s visit we learned a lot about their company and how they remain a competitive logistics company. They told us about how their company is trying to move towards fully self-automated vehicles that can work in their warehouses and one day even transport supplies on the road. I thought was cool because after a lot of talk about marketing and finance, some talk about self-automated vehicles seemed very interesting to me. What was truly great, was after the talk when we got to visit the warehouse. They made all of us put on bright neon yellow vests. They made us feel like true professionals. That lasted a good five minutes and then we saw the vests the real workers wore. That was okay though; I liked   my vest look. While we were in the warehouse we saw how they stored things and we got to see a self-automated vehicle in action.

After the visit we headed to Yang Shan Port which is the biggest port in the world. On our way there, Mac told us all we needed to know about the port, its operation, and the development that has been going on there. Knowing what a huge exporting power China is, I thought it was amazing that I would get to see the live action. The bridge to the port was extremely long spanning 20 miles. It was 20 miles of water, smog, and a lot of wind mills which I learned are used to power the port. When we got to the port we got to look, from a distance of course, down at the operation of the port. We saw the miles of carts all containing different things and destined for various locations. I thought that was cool. After looking around for a while, and many pictures later we all took a group photo and completed our visit to the largest port in the world.

When we got back the hotel, my friends and I wanted to venture out to discover a good Italian restaurant in Shanghai. Fortunately for us, there was one close by at a nearby mall, so we were off. We walked about 3/4 of a mile to this mall. Again, I was impressed with the lavishness of the malls in China. Always big. Always bright. And always trendy. As we walked around the mall trying to play “guess what the American is trying to say with their miming and pointing” we finally made our way to the right floor and restaurant where I was greeted with the oh so missed aroma of Italian seasoning, marinara sauce, and cheese. The menu was a pleasant surprise as well as I recognized everything in the pictures. The food was delicious, and I was full of pasta and happiness.

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