Day 12: Finishing up some Business

Today was anther day of a lot of business. We had two company visits today, Delphi Technologies and AmCham. They would be our last company visits in China. Today felt like a dream because it seemed like the last two weeks of our visit were coming to an abrupt end. These company visits were just the first of lasts in China. This morning when I woke up however I was very ready and eager for our first company visit, Delphi Technologies. I was excited to go to a technology company because our last technology company was Xiaomi in Beijing. I was eager to learn something new in the industry I’m interested in.

When we got to Delphi we were welcomed by their staff and then we were led to a big conference room. In the conference room we were seated at a long conference table where of course I felt very professional. While seated, we were introduced to our speaker and representative of Delphi. He happened to have lived in America himself when he studied there for college. He then proceeded to introduce us to Delphi Technologies and their operations. He explained how they are mostly into creating car engines. I thought that was interesting considering their name which suggests they do much more and much different business. I was still very intrigued however because as a future mechanical engineer, learning about engines is up my ally. He spoke very briefly and afterwards we were given a tour of their lab.

After this we stopped by a fairly small and homey restaurant for a quick lunch. We then continued on to our next and final company visit the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. At this visit we were introduced to two representatives from their company who happened to be Americans themselves. I think this was interesting because we’ve been introduced to a lot of Americans in China lately that we’ve been able to ask and compare their experiences of growing up in America to living here in China. During our visit we did get to learn about their lives here in Shanghai, but we also learned a lot about the Chinese government and how that comes into play when thinking about business and finance in the Chinese market.

After a long day of business my friends decided again to venture out and find a place that doesn’t serve Chinese food. Instead of Italian today, we went to a Mexican cantina down the street from the hotel.  It was called Pistolera and the food was very familiar and delicious. We basically all got quesadillas and they were so good. I had been craving Mexican cuisine for a while now, so the food was very pleasant to my taste buds. The place had a really nice vibe and they were playing nice music. After we ate we started to head back to the hotel. I was shocked when it started pouring rain out of nowhere. It had been the first time this entire trip that I’ve experienced rain and I was not prepared.

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