Germany Day 2: Universität Augsburg

Today we visited our partner campus, the University of Augsburg. The first thing I noticed is the efficiency of the tram system. Today was the first day I was able to experience it first hand, and it was great. Even though we missed our first tram,  a new one arrived within 5 minutes. Additionally, it only took us a few minutes to get to the university. This is a major improvement from Pitt’s public transportation system (due to very long wait times in between buses).

After we arrived, we met the German students who will be working with us on the company presentations. All of them were so friendly and welcoming, which further made me feel very at home despite being in an entirely new country. Weirdly enough, I even began to start calling the hotel “home”. After a few hours, we gave an introductory presentation on our company: H&K, and it went great. We had lunch, which was significantly better in quality than market, and then toured the campus. I found it interesting that the University’s campus is very different than Pitt’s. Pitt is much more compact, containing skyscrapers and more shops. Augsburg was very spread out, with a more modern touch on the architecture of the buildings. Also, there was much from greenery and just open space in general.

The next part of our day consisted of the “city quiz”. This scavenger hunt was very cool, as it guided us throughout the city, while also teaching us about the history along the way (we learned a lot about churches, one is featured below). I found the quiz to be very fun, as we participated in fun activities like taking goofy selfies. The hunt ended in us arriving at a well-known brewery, where we got to try (non-alcoholic) beer, which was very tasty.

We ended our day with dinner at a local pizza shop. I liked the food here, although I did mess up my order. I ended up ordering peppers because pepperoni does not translate to the pepperoni meat but rather its translates to pepper. Regardless, I really enjoyed the pizza, and it was a great way to conclude the second day.

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