Germany Day 6: Ulm

We began the day with a bus ride to Ulm. After a long rest, we immediately got off and started the trek up to the top of the church. Although not considered a cathedral (because it never housed a bishop), this building was just as well designed as any cathedral I’ve seen. The tower was massive, spanning over 100 meters above the ground; the climb to get up was going to be tough. 768 steps of winding misery later, I finally reached the peak. I made the mistake of sprinting up all the stairs, so although I made it up first, I was physically exhausted. The exhaustion was worth it; the view from the top was phenomenal. You could see a radius of miles. The entire city of Ulm and even the Alps in the distance were visible.


Because we arrived late to Ulm, the city tour was shortened a little bit. We were only able to tour around for approximately 60-foot radius, but the details were exceptional. Our tour guide gave us detail about the city, for example the history of Einstein and the exact tile that lies below the highest point in the church.

At the end of the tour, we had lunch at a pancake house. I was surprised to see that the “pancakes” were actually more like crepes. They had many strange toppings such as mushrooms, chicken, or beef. However, I decided to try to expand my pallet. I made the right decision as the pancakes were amazing.

After returning to Augsburg, we immediately went to the university and had a presentation by BMW on autonomous vehicles. My first presentation before we left for Germany was on autonomous vehicles, so this allowed me to understand and connect to most of the topics presented. I found it to be very cool how BMW break vehicles into 5 different stages, all based on how much autonomy each vehicle possesses. I also found it interesting to see the predicted results of how the automotive industry will be with autonomous vehicles, and which areas (like cities, suburbs, etc.) will be populated with each type of vehicle. Although BMW was not my company, I found this presentation to be one of the most interesting out of all companies.

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