Conclusion: Xiexie

Today was the day we boarded our flights to go home.  By the end of the trip, I was ready.  Maybe it was the culture shock (or maybe the food poisoning), but I was feeling kind of tired of being in China and especially tired of eating Chinese food by the end of the trip. Most people shared the same opinion to some extent, and so many people were ecstatic to find a Burger King in the airport terminal.  Many of us missed American food.  We got through airport security, after saying our final goodbyes to the PC.  Our PCs did a great job on the trip and I am glad that we had them with us.  Half of us, including myself, boarded our flight at around 3:00 and settled in for a 16-hour flight back to the US.  There were a lot of movies watched by me during that flight, especially since I was in desperate need to consume some american content after so long abroad in a country that

Overall though, I had a great experience that I doubt that I will never forget.  I was able to meet a lot of great new people and get to know others better than I wouldn’t have otherwise.  This was the first time that I was able to be around people who aren’t engineers.  It was great to be able to get different perspectives on college life from business students, who have different workloads, priorities, and experiences with their major and school (Pitt’s CBA). Many people I got to know on the trip I hope to talk to more back at Pitt.  It was also great being able to form inside jokes with them.  Beforehand, I’ve been with almost exclusively engineers because I lived with them almost exclusively in Forbes Hall and had all of my classes with them.It was also great being able to experience a country that is so much different from the US.  Being able to have immersion into Chinese culture helped gave me a different perspective on many aspects of life.  Chinese people have very different perspectives and habits than Americans.  For example, everybody uses an app called Wechat.  I cannot underplay how incredibly popular this app is.  In the US, there is no app that has nearly the market dominance as Wechat does.  To be able to experience China while gaining a great study abroad experienced makes me fell really lucky that I was able to go on this trip, even if I did get food poisoning.  Even then this trip has given me some unforgettable experiences that I will hold dearly for years to come.

Also, Dr. Li was an amazing program lead and was really key to making the trip spectacular.  I appreciate everything that he has done for the trip (even the cheesy communist hats).

If anybody reads this and is considering doing Plus3, do it.  You will have an unforgettable experience, just be careful with what you eat.

To everybody involved in this trip, xiexie,


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